We’re working to Build a Better Future for each other, our partners, humanity and planet earth.


We are partnered with plantations, mills, kilns and factories around the world to sell high-quality wood products.


We focus on plywood, sheets, sticks, dowels, hobbyist modeling wood, end-grain panels, contourable scrim-backed panels, glued blocks, saw cut lumber, as well as specialty balsa products for particular customer projects.


We are truly global, with supply partners in Europe, South America, Central America, and Asia.

Our Story

At Ochroma Group we’re working to Build a Better Future for each other, our partners, humanity and planet earth. We believe that fair international trade of sustainable

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Our Products

Ochroma Group has a deep network of engineers and designers who develop wood products across a range of industries.   Copyright © Ochroma Group LLC. All

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Copyright © Ochroma Group LLC.

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Rhode Island, United States

Guayaquil, Ecuador

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